Infills/New Construction

Infill development is an important tool in urban planning and can be used to add density, diversity, and vibrancy to existing neighbourhoods. It can also contribute to sustainability by reducing transportation costs because of its proximity to services and amenities. Infill developments can help create vibrant communities with diverse housing options, improved access to public transit, green spaces, and other amenities that encourage people to live more sustainably. Additionally, infill developments often provide much-needed affordable housing options for low-income families or those who are unable to find suitable housing elsewhere due to high prices or limited availability.

Similar to flipping; infills and new constructions pose much of the same characteristic only on a larger scale. This is the step you want to take to level up your expertise and profit at a higher margin.

If you’re an experienced contractor builder or investor looking to step foot into the new construction/infill investment business then contact us to help you get started!

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